Revolutionary Aptamer-Based Pathogen Technology from Zentek Unveils Rapid and Inexpensive Pathogen Detection Capabilities


A Canadian company and their laboratory partner have developed a low cost simple and much faster way to better detect pathogens causing infections in our bodies. In recent weeks the team found a way to dramatically improve the effectiveness of this technology, which is really a medical breakthrough you won’t likely see on the news, at least not just yet. Their technology uses ‘aptamer’ based diagnostics from a simple saliva test.

What is an aptamer?

Aptamers are short sequences of artificial DNA, RNA, XNA, or peptide that bind a specific target molecule or family of target molecules. In the case of today’s company, they are using single-stranded DNA molecules capable of binding specifically with target proteins on the surface of pathogens such as SARS-CoV-2 to detect if a person has COVID-19 or potentially other pathogens.