The Science behind ZenGUARD™

Two years of research and testing with 21 global partners has led to the development of our incredible new technology, ZenGUARD™. We harnessed the power of graphene — a highly effective and safe material with incredible properties. Watch this video to see how it works.

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Be Positive, Test Negative, Be Safe!

CAREGuard+™ with ZenGUARD™ Technology

Vital Health Supplies offers the latest PPE supplies that we can offer to our customers. Our business provides working solutions in the fight against viruses for all types of industries, as well as individuals and small business


    Schools, Universities, Day Cares and more, (end-users only, not for re-sale)


    Restaurants, Hotels, Bars,  and more, (end-users only, not for re-sale)


    Amphitheatres, Arenas, Movie Theatres and more, (end-users only, not for re-sale)


    Shopping Malls, Grocery Stores, Box Stores and more, (end-users only, not for re-sale)


    Cruise Ships, Transit Stations, Airlines and more, (end-users only, not for re-sale)

Zentek Ltd.’s CAREGuard+™ with ZenGUARD™Anti-Microbial Technology is Health Canada Authorized!

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