About How Vital Health Supplies Came to Be.

The Covid-19 Pandemic has touched us all…some harder than others, for sure.  In my case, I had to make a choice of: continue to work as I was, or have a “reset”.  I chose a reset.
About 30 years of my 40 year working career has been spent in the automotive business. The last 10, I spent on the road away from my home in Summerside, PEI. I worked all across Ontario, primarily, servicing four different dealerships as a sales trainer and marketer. (They would book me every month, sometimes twice a month, for the whole year in advance.)  This was the best job I ever had.  Met some amazing people, made a ton of new friends, and a very comfortable wage. 
With this kind of schedule, I would get home every three to three and half weeks, as I’d leave my vehicle at the airport and fly home for 4-5 days.  Rinse and repeat every month. Then the Pandemic hit.
In PEI, they had a very strict return policy, requiring everyone to isolate and quarantine for 14 days. (This proved to be a very successful strategy. Here’s the rub..while it makes sense to have the 14 day quarantine, you still haven’t seen your family, grand kids, friends. So you need some additional time away from work (a week to 10 days?) to be able to spend time with them.  How many jobs can you satisfy your employer and the clients, when you take 3 weeks off every month or second month? None that I know of. 
Something had to change.  
About a year and a half ago, I did my research and due diligence and invested in a company named Zentek (They trade on the TSX exchange, stock symbol “ZEN”). I love what these guys are doing, creating an array of new patent-pending innovative technologies that can be mind-boggling advancements worth millions and millions of dollars (maybe even Billions) to the company and its’ investors.

In November 2020 Zentek signed a deal with a manufacturing company out of Collingwood, ON. to supply them with a viricidal coating for their masks. This was a game changer in the PPE mask business….I wanted to be involved in this company!  Problem: They are a private company. So, I literally went knocking on their door and after several meetings over several weeks, signed an Agency Agreement giving me the opportunity to be “part of the their team”.

The other not so obvious benefit, was that I could do my own “pandemic reset” and work from home…no more road work, requiring self-isolation every time I want to be home.  
I spoke with my dealers and they certainly understood my situation and I worked through it until the end of June….my extended stay, therefore, in Ontario was from January 12th to June 30th!  Since I’ve completed my last quarantine,  I’ve been gearing up my website and supply channels, etc.. Looking forward to making a meaningful contribution to helping keep us all safe.   
What better way to support and enhance my investment in Zentek than selling its’ product. Looking forward to making a meaningful contribution to helping keep us all safe with Vital Health Supplies. 

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  Sincerely, Scott Grady