Like the rest of the global community, we watched the world change overnight with the Pandemic.  We have been working hard ever since, to stay up to date with the latest in PPE supplies. Our business plans to provide working solutions in the fight against Covid-19 for all types of industries, as well as individuals. The products we provide are the absolute best on the world market…break-through and cutting edge technology that makes this choice the safest available. We will add to our list of products, as they become available only after rigorous testing and regulatory approvals..

Our CAREGuard+™ with ZenGUARD™ Anti-Microbial Technology masks are the only Canadian made disposable masks that have been authorized by Health Canada.
Many, if not most other companies that sell masks, of which 90 % are imported from China or the Far East, state their products “are made to Health Canada guidelines”, but have never been submitted for actual testing and approval.
Driven by a passion for innovation, we want to establish Vital Health Supplies to become your supplier of choice, when it comes to PPE. Our commitment to delivering an exceptional product and customer experience is embedded in everything we do. You might say those small-town values of putting in the work, listening and only succeeding by helping others succeed first, have served us well….that is why we will continually champion programs and services that nurture and help communities survive and thrive.